your perfect invitation from concept to reality


Step 1: Let's Have  A Conversation!

The first thing we like to do to get the ball rolling is to have a nice conversation. Whether it's in person, on the phone, or via video chat, we discuss your event, your theme, inspiration, ideas, budget, and your personal style.

We like to REALLY get to know you so we can deliver a product that is all yours.


Step 2: Quote Time!

After our first chat, we write up a quote and send it your way.

Upon approval of the quote, we are ready to go!

At this time, we ask that you send us a 30% deposit and your preferred text.


Step 3: The Exciting Part: Design!

This is the fun part!

We begin designing, and you receive PDF files of what we've been working on.

We do not limit how many rounds of design you can go through, we want everything to be just right.

Typically, however, the design process is 3-4 rounds.

Everything we send to you can be finessed and adjusted to suit your desires.

We begin by sending you 3 to 4 design options of the invitations. Once a design is chosen, we finesse the design, and bring it through the other elements of the design suite (rsvp cards, envelopes, liners, etc.). 

When all is worked out and approved, you check it one last time for spelling and correct names and places and times, and then we send to print!

Once the suite is printed, we package it with love and send it along to you!